Basic functionalities of the mDriver application

Communication Sending and receiving messages (mm, sms)

The messenger allows you to send messages, statuses, photos (documents, loading), receive pdf files or movies

Communication Sending photos

Sending photos of documents (loading, unloading). Each message has a GPS position marker

Remote Control Phone Book

Creating a general phone book and remote synchronization with the phone. Blocking of incoming and outgoing calls

Remote Control Connections

Block outgoing and incoming calls. Restrict calls to company numbering with a specific prefix

Remote Control Phone Settings

Blocking phone settings, disable blocking (GPS, data transmission)

Remote Control Applications on the phone

Blocking application startup and installation. Remote management of applications on the phone. Create a blacklist of applications for the entire group

Security APN network

Blocking Internet traffic through APN (private internet network)

Security Phone monitoring

Reading the phone's position according to the specified interval, recording the history of the phone's position

Navigation Cooperation with maps

Cooperation with online and offline maps (Google, Sygic, HERE). Sending the addresses of loading and unloading

integration REST API

Integration with existing client applications


Sending and receiving MM internet messages and SMS text messages

  • Sending and receiving messages MM (Mobile Message), SMS
  • Professional SMS gateway
  • Sending receiving photos
  • Receiving files PDF, MP4
  • Send messages to groups phones
  • Report messages (sent, received, read)
  • Messages from the attached item GPS
  • Unlimited number of characters, formatting of message text
  • Sending addresses to navigation , steering navigation Sygic, Google, HERE
  • Cooperation with the CamScanner scanning program
  • Redirection messages to your phone via SMS
  • Logo

    Remote control

    Remote control of settings in the phone.

  • Common phone book , creating groups of employees, online update
  • Limit connections outgoing and incoming, remote FDN setting
  • Lock settings change on your phone, unlocked via the internet or SMS
  • Manage applications on your phone. Startup and installation block
  • Remote setting and control APN (private internet network)
  • Remote setting FDN (list of allowed numbers), setting up the receiving group, e.g. whole country +48
  • phonebook

    Security and cost reduction

    Phone security, restrictions on Internet traffic and connections

  • Private network APN (blocking Internet traffic)
  • Blocking the launch of applications and their installation
  • Limiting outgoing (FDN) and incoming calls
  • Lock to change settings in the phone
  • Remote setting and control APN (private internet network)
  • Remote setting FDN (list of allowed mummers), setting up the receiving group, e.g. whole country
  • Apps

    Telephone and computer applications

    Android application

    The application works only on Samsung smartphones with Android

    Windows application

    The Windows application works on all versions of Windows,

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    Our workflow

    Application design

    ased on the experience of cooperating companies and responding to problems related to the security of smartphones, we designed the platform

    Beta version

    Implementation of the application in the transport company, first tests

    Production version

    Ustarting the production version. Gaining new clients, developing applications

    We're moving to Sinersio

    Migracja aplikacji do nowej serwerowni



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